Few glimpses from Modi Ji s  life narrated in several books and by his close associates


Once upon a time in the small town of Vadnagar in Gujarat, there lived a young boy named Narendra Modi. Born into a humble family on September 17, 1950, he faced the challenges of poverty from an early age. However, Narendra refused to let his circumstances define him. Instead, he possessed the qualities of a natural leader, which would later shape his destiny.

The Strategist 

Narendra studied at B N High School, where he had a remarkable encounter with a kabaddi match that showcased his strategic prowess. The school had two teams competing against each other, and one team always seemed to end up on the losing side. They turned to Narendra for help, and he eagerly took on the challenge. Observing the winning tactics of the dominant team, which consisted of older players, he analyzed their moves and trained his own team accordingly. Narendra’s team implemented his strategy flawlessly and emerged victorious. This incident mirrored the future Narendra Modi, who would cleverly take control of the political agenda and lead his party to unprecedented triumphs.

Creative social reformer 

Another intriguing aspect of Narendra’s childhood was his creative side. He wrote and staged a play called “Peelu Phool” during his school days. The inspiration behind the play came from witnessing a priest berating an untouchable woman. It shed light on the struggles faced by an untouchable woman who was forbidden from entering the temple. This resonated with Narendra, coming from a low-caste background himself. His commitment to social justice became a prominent feature of his political journey, as he worked to uplift marginalized communities and ensure their voices were heard. Under his leadership, the BJP embraced the cause of social justice, with iconic figures like BR Ambedkar becoming integral to the party’s ideology.

Adventurous and Ready to take risks

Narendra’s fearless nature was exemplified through stories of his childhood adventures, shared in the comic book “Childhood Stories – Bal Narendra.” Despite the presence of crocodiles in the nearby lake, Narendra fearlessly played with them. On one occasion, he even brought a baby crocodile home, only to return it to the lake upon his mother’s objection. In another daring feat, he swam through the treacherous waters infested with crocodiles to hoist a flag atop a temple. There was no limit to his bravery, as he climbed a tree with a razor between his teeth to rescue a bird entangled in kite strings. These childhood tales illustrated Narendra’s willingness to take risks, foreshadowing his future as a leader unafraid of making bold decisions. One such instance was his approval of a surgical strike against Pakistan, a risky move that demonstrated his determination to protect his nation’s interests, even at the risk of conflict.


Despite living in a one-room house with a mud floor, Narendra’s ambition surpassed his impoverished circumstances. He had an unwavering commitment to self-discipline and always maintained a well-groomed appearance. To keep his shoes immaculate, he would whiten them using discarded chalk from school, which he rubbed onto his canvas shoes. Every night, he carefully folded his uniform and placed it under his pillow, ensuring it remained crisp for the next day. In the morning, he would press it using a metal tumbler filled with hot water. These habits symbolized his relentless pursuit of excellence, even in the face of adversity.

Narendra’s connection to the railway station in Vadnagar holds a special place in his heart. He assisted his father, who sold tea at the station, and this experience would later inspire his passion for transforming the railways. Throughout his public speeches, Narendra often reminisces about his days as a tea seller, highlighting the importance of those humble beginnings. His dedication to revamping the railways, despite the challenges posed by outdated infrastructure, poor service, and general neglect, reflects his unwavering commitment to realizing ambitious goals.

Today, Narendra Modi stands as the Prime Minister of India, a testament to his journey from a poverty-stricken boy in Vadnagar to a visionary leader at the helm of the nation. His childhood anecdotes paint a captivating picture of a young boy who possessed the qualities of greatness: strategic thinking, social empathy, fearlessness, ambition, and unwavering dedication. Narendra Modi’s story is one that inspires millions, reminding us that with hard work, determination, and the right values, anyone can rise above their circumstances and create a lasting impact on the world.


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