“Explosive Scandal: Arvind Kejriwal Silent as Bibhav Kumar Arrested for Assaulting Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal “

Bibhav Kumar was arrested for assaulting Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal in the drawing room of the CM’s residence. Arvind Kejriwal is silent on the attack on Swati Maliwal but claims that this is all a plot by the BJP. They even suggest that Swati Maliwal has been compromised by the BJP and that she is playing the victim card at their behest.

On social media, some videos posted by AAP do not show Swati, only her voice is heard abusing Bibhav Kumar. AAP is trying its best to character assassinate Swati Maliwal while projecting Bibhav Kumar as a very soft and helpless individual. A video by Bibhav Kumar’s father is going viral. His father describes Bibhav as a very simple and peace-loving person who would not even utter a harsh word, let alone hit people.

As Swati Maliwal is a sitting Rajya Sabha MP, she has special privileges, and if needed, the Rajya Sabha speaker can also push the investigating agencies. Swati Maliwal also acted in a suspicious manner, taking three days to register this assault case against BiBhav.

Bibhav Kumar appears to be more than a PA to the CM; he seems to be aware of all the transactions that took place in the CM’s residence. His arrest is causing panic for Arvind Kejriwal as Bibhav can expose all illegal activities of CM Kejriwal. Kejriwal is trying to get rid of all his party leaders who are likely to claim the CM position, as Kejriwal will have to resign his CM post when he goes to jail again after June 1, 2024. This could be part of the process of cleaning the party, though it has turned out to be violent.

Either Swati is viewed as a threat to his CMship, or it could be some personal rivalry between Sunita Kejriwal and Swati.

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