Killing an innocent 12 year old girl by Hamas

Killing an innocent 12 year old girl along with her 80 year old Grand mother is inhuman cannot be tolerated by civilized world

My suggestion to prevent such acts is at the bottom of this article in BOLD letters

The act of terrorism that involves killing an innocent 12-year-old girl is not just ghastly, but it is utterly abhorrent, inhumane, and unforgivable. Such actions defy the basic principles of humanity, compassion, and morality. This heinous act serves as a stark reminder of the vile nature of terrorism, which preys upon the most vulnerable among us, robbing them of their future, their dreams, and their right to live in peace and security.

The murder of a young, innocent child is a cruel and heart-wrenching atrocity that strikes at the very core of our collective conscience. It is a stark illustration of the depths of depravity that some individuals are willing to sink to in their misguided pursuit of political, religious, or ideological objectives.

We must stand united and resolute in condemning such acts of terror, and we must work tirelessly to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable for their crimes. It is our duty as a society to protect our children, to nurture their potential, and to create a world where no child has to suffer such a horrendous fate. The killing of an innocent 12-year-old girl is a grievous affront to all of humanity, and it is our responsibility to ensure that such acts are never allowed to prevail.


The Israeli government has tragically confirmed the deaths of Noya Dan, a 12-year-old girl with special needs and an avid Harry Potter fan, along with her grandmother, Carmela Dan. They were kidnapped and held hostage in Gaza by Palestinian terrorists. The Israeli soldiers recovered their bodies, and this devastating news was shared by the Israeli government on its official social media account on Thursday.

Noya Dan and her family, along with around 200 other Israelis, were believed to have been held hostage in Gaza following the terrorist attacks that occurred on October 7 in southern Israel. Noya, who had autism, was visiting her grandmother at Kibbutz Nir Oz in southern Israel when the settlement was overrun by Hamas terrorists as part of a cross-border strike from Gaza.

Efforts were made to raise awareness about her kidnapping, including an appeal to J.K. Rowling, the renowned author of the Harry Potter series, to help spread the word about Noya’s situation. Rowling responded with a heartfelt message condemning the taking of hostages and expressing her hope for their safe return.

Tragically, despite these efforts, the Israeli government confirmed the deaths of Noya Dan and her grandmother, underscoring the profound sorrow resulting from the October 7 terrorist attacks in southern Israel.

The whole civilized world should condemn terrorism and those who support it for what ever reason should be completely isolated , 1 Voting rights removed  2 All govt benefits stopped 3 Citizenship revoked if they happen to be immigrants and finally deported to the country of their origin  

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