Build toll-free National Highways

Build toll-free National Highways

Why it is necessary to build toll-free highways?
As of June 2021, there are 666 toll gates on national highways and may be collecting nearly rupees
40,000 crores, (subject to correction) annually. This huge collection could reflect on prices of
goods, particularly food grains we buy. The toll-fee collection does not distinguish between the
rich and the poor, high-valued goods or low-valued goods. Incidentally, the effect of toll
collections is more on food grains than on high valued goods.
There is no justification for the existing toll gates. The expansion of the road network in the future
needs a huge amount of investment, which has to be collected from the users. I suggest that users
are divided into two categories: the rich pay and the poor do not. The following suggestion is an
elaboration of these two points.

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Build Toll free National Highways

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