Electoral and Political reforms in India

Electoral and Political reforms in India

Electoral and political reforms are urgently needed to reserve politics only to
purists who intend to dedicate their whole time and energy to serving the people of
the country round the clock. It is imperative to consider these new political and
electoral reforms for a better, healthy and improved democracy to remove
corruption, inequalities, unemployment and misgovernance.
As we are on the threshold of completing 75 years of independence, electoral and
political reforms are to be put on a fast track to bring transparency, accountability,
efficacy and high-speed response into governance; to meet the aspirations of the
people and to relive the Rama Rajya. Zero corruption government should be the
bedrock of an advanced democracy. We need to restructure and reboot the present
electoral and political formats, into more responsive entitiesto enable the formation
of honest, efficient and stable governments at centre and in states.

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Electoral and political reforms for India

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