Required Administrative Reforms for India

Administrative Reforms in India – DIGITAL INDIA – TOP TAX SYSTEM

Administrative reforms are long overdue in India as the present administrative system is
obsolete and continuing as a legacy from British Raj. It is not coping with the ever-changing
needs and aspirations of the ever-growing population of the country.
Administrative set-up should be redesigned to work more efficiently and to bring
transparency, accountability, efficacy and high-speed response into governance to meet the
aspirations of the people before their anger turns into revolt against the elected
governments. Zero corruption government should be the bedrock of an advanced
democracy. We need to restructure and reboot the present administrative format into a
more responsive entity to give quality services and equal opportunities to all citizens,
instantly on demand at a single platform. The purpose of new administrative reforms could
be better served with the elimination of VIP culture and the removal of special privileges to
the elite class, ruling class, and bureaucrats.
These administrative reforms are aimed at removing corruption, arrogance and lethargy at
all levels and in all forms.

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Administrative Reforms in India

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