Clean & Green India ( Swachh Bharat )

Clean and green India
A timeline for Swachh Bharat mission
How far is Swachh Bharat? The simple answer to this question is a minimum of 10
years away and that is only if the government spends at least Rs 2,00,000 crores per annum from
right now. When the problem becomes colossal due to neglect, non-planned development, and
non-cognizance of it for a longer period, it requires a lot of time, money and perseverance to
solve it. The aim of the Mission Swachh Bharat should be to spread cleanliness everywhere and
encompass everything – roads, railway tracks, bus stations, railway stations, parks, beaches,
shorelines, river banks, reservoirs, lakes, schools, colleges, universities and all other public
places. 100% Swachh Bharat can be achieved only by the strong will of the government
combined with people’s participation and their strong desire to keep their country perfectly
clean at all times throughout the year. Swachh Bharat will not become a reality by one day’s
work of sweeping some streets somewhere, 5-minute token gestures by celebrities, campaigning
on TVs and newspapers, and, most importantly, without proper planning, efficient mechanism,
perfect execution and monitoring system developed for the entire country. It should become
routine and daily exercise and become a part of our daily lives as much as our breathing and
heartbeat. Swachh Bharat mission requires a huge network of workforce, basic infrastructure,
consummate planning, tough laws and efficient monitoring at all levels. Swachh Bharat should
also become an evergreen Bharat to make it a healthy Bharat. Clean and green India = Healthy
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Swachh Bharat – How far is it


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